What makes our polygraph academy the best choice for polygraph education, what is the essence that makes the difference between our school and other schools are the benefits that we provide to our students that no other school does. We provide basic polygraph training, we also provide continuing education training for polygraph examiners, we also provide specialised courses for our students. One of the facts that makes european polygraph academy different from other polygraph schools is the fact that we provide our students with possibility to purchase polygraph instruments and polygraph equipment through our academy and at a reduced costs and rates, we are able to offer you special prices and special offers.

One of the biggest advantages in our polygraph school is the fact that we are the only school in Europe where our students have a unique opportunity to learn from two APA accredited instructors for the full duration of the course - 10 weeks. We are proud to say that we are the only polygraph school that provides this level of polygraph examiner education in Europe. Also, as our education program is APA accredited program, after graduation, all of our students can apply for membership at the American Polygraph Association and our polygraph school will pay for the first year of membership for each of our students. After the first year, if they wish to continue, students will have to pay for the membership themselves, which is 150 USD per year.

What really makes the difference and what makes our academy special are the facts that we recognise the importance for mentorship and quality control and thus, we provide mentorship for all our students for the first 200 polygraph exams that they perform on their own, to help them build up confidence and experience, and we also provide a lifetime polygraph exams quality control for all our students and all our polygraph examiners worldwide.

Special services of mentorship and quality control are absolutely free of charge for each and every graduated student of EPA - Europian polygraph academy. We can not emphasise enough the importance of these two special services for students and polygraph examiners. In the beggining of your carrier you will need guidance and assistance and the last thing you want to do is to make a wrong call on your polygraph exam. It is most important to build a good reputation from the start as a realible and professional polygraph examiner, because, in this business, all you got is your reputation. Building a good reputation is what makes all the difference in polygraph business and it is the most important factor regarding the outcome of your carrier.

This is what prevails on whether you are going to build a respectable carrier in world of polygraph or not. We recongnise this fact and that is the reason why we give our best to our students to help them to become best examiners that they can possible be. When it all comes down in the end it is all up to you, but, we guarantee that you will have a big advantage and head start in comparison to any other graduate from any other polygraph school becuase you will have a whole EPA professional team behind you to back you up, anytime, anywhere. We are always available for our students.