Our main training instructors come from USA and all of them are officially APA accredited instructors for conducting professional training for polygraph examiners. Our main instructors are globally very well respected in the polygraph community, they are world class experts in the field of polygraph. Below you can find biographies of our leading mangament.



Mr Tom Kelly is bachelor of science, he graduated on San Diego State University-California on the field of social science, afted which he learned Spanish language in the foreign service institute school as part of United States department of state. Mister Kelly sucessfully finished training in Department of Defence State Polygraph Institute, after which he specialised in Reid school for Interviewing and Interrogation. Tom Kelly became Master of Arts in Forensic Psychophysiology in Argosy University, school of professional Psychology. Tom Kelly spent 6 years in United States Marine Corp after which he was honourably discharged but he stayed in United Stated Army Reserve for 25 years as Lieutenant Colonel. Tom Kelly worked as a traffic officer in California Highway Patrol for 5 years after which he was assigned to be United Stated Border Patrol special agent where he worked for 7 years. Tom Kelly worked for Drug Enforcement Administration - DEA special agent for 20 years. After retiring from DEA mister Kelly conducted various contracts and Polygraph projects worldwide for the time span of 2 years, after which he decides to open his own polygraph school - Marston Polygraph Academy. Tom Kelly is owner and primary instructor of Marston Polygraph Academy. Besides running business of polygraph school in USA, Kelly is also co-owner of Tudor Polygraph Academy in Medellin, Columbia. Both schools are fully APA accredited polygraph schools. Tom Kelly is also professionally involved in polygraph training in European polygraph academy in Belgrade, Serbia as an instructor, which makes Mr. Kelly a major factor in polygraph education projects on three different continents worldwide.

The school’s curriculum is patterned after the Department of Defense polygraph Institute (DODPI) which is the US Federal Agency that trains DEA, FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service and all military services and other agencies how to do polygraph testing. The two schools in addition to being accredited by the American Polygraph Association are also recognized by the American Association of Police Polygraphist, the National Polygraph Association, they are accredited by the American Standards for Testing Materials and follows its strict guidelines. This combined with the education, experience and knowledge of the school’s instructors makes the two polygraph schools two of the premier polygraph schools worldwide. These two schools in addition to conducting basic polygraph classes have successfully conducted 20 satellite schools in various locations all over the world. Marston/Tudor and/or Mr. Kelly’s partial list of US law enforcement clientele it conducted training for and performed major contracts for are; U.S. Intelligence Agencies, other U.S. Government Agencies, Engility Corporation in the Ukraine, the U.S. State Department, The United Nations (International), Phoenix Police Department, Yuma County Sheriffs Department, Cocopah Police Department (Indian Police) and various others, such as foreign governments. Marston/Tudor has also trained polygraph examiners with a wide range of backgrounds such as Private Investigators, Police Officers, Retired Law Enforcement Officials and Private Individuals.

Mr Tom Kelly had a lot of teaching assignments all over the world that are too numerous to list. Some examples:

  • 2014-2015: Numerous courses in Medellin, Colombia in polygraph, interviewing and interrogation.
  • 2013: Taught polygraph course for law enforcement at University of Washington, Tacoma.
  • 2013: Three weeks assignment conducting polygraph examinations for the Government of Antigua (Coast Guard).
  • 2013: One month assignment teaching polygraph to the organization crime task force, National police, in Keiv, Ukraine.
  • 2010: One month assignment teaching polygraph to the National Police, Bangladesh.
  • 2011: One month assignment teaching polygraph to Warrior Security, Tanzania, East Africa.
  • 2009: Nine week class teaching basic polygraph to mostly police at the Tacoma Community College, Tacoma, Washington.
  • 2008 – 2010: Three polygraph courses in Ecuador training mostly military and national police.
  • 2008: Eight week class teaching basic polygraph course in Madrid, Spain.
  • 2005 : Trained 184 Mexican National Police Officers in polygraph, interviewing and interrogation.
  • 2004 to 2006: United Nations Office of Drug Control (UNODC), Foreign Governments their Intelligence Agencies and Law Enforcement. Polygraphed and screened the 200 person Drug Control Agency.

Mr. Kelly also worked for the US government under the UNODC designed “from the ground up” the entire polygraph testing program and protocols for the Drug Control Agency (DCA) in Kyrgyzstan. Mr. Kelly has made many multi-week trips to Kyrgyzstan where he performed; the initial polygraph testing of over 200 drug agents & their screening, 48 Internal Affairs polygraph exams, and performed continuing education for their four polygraph examiners. Mr. Kelly then taught a 40 hour in-service training course in polygraph techniques for the DCA. This program was funded by the U.S. Government and administered by the United Nations (UN).Mr. Kelly continued to test these DCA examiners from time to time to ensure they followed prescribed polygraph techniques. Mr. Kelly personally did all quality control on the work of these DCA examiners by examining their charts from prior examinations and continues to teach in-service training to the DCA polygraph examiners.

  • 2002-2003: Director of Polygraph Training at Strategic Training Academy, San Bernardino, California USA.
  • 2002- to Date: Founder and owner of T. Kelly and Associates - an international consulting firm that provides private Polygraph testing, polygraph training and other related services worldwide.
  • 1982-2002: Special Agent, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

Mr. Kelly had a Top Secret Clearance during his entire career with DEA and during his career with the DEA he personally seized or assisted in the seizure of ton quantities of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and multi-million dollars in assets. A few of the notable cases Mr. Kelly worked on were: a) Venezuela - Kelly assisted in creating case law in the seizure of expensive city homes in Maracaibo, Venezuela, then seized a large and valuable ranch. No seizure law had existed in Venezuela prior to this; b) Kelly personally identified and seized 2 million dollars of drug money in a bank in Aruba; c) Kelly was the case agent in a number of high profile drug smuggling cases including major drug traffickers and the kidnapping and murder case of Enrique (Kiki) Camerena, and; d) numerous high-profile drug cases over the years that resulted in arrests of drug king-pins and seizure of numerous assets.

  • 1999 – 2002: Los Angeles, California - Mr. Kelly was the lead polygraph examiner for the Los Angeles (L.A.) Field Division. Kelly administered polygraph examinations within the L.A. Field Division, which included all of greater Los Angeles area, Riverside, the states of Nevada and Hawaii to include Guam. Kelly tested DEA applicants (Screening Exams), informants, tested for asset removal plus other crimes such as murder, national security and anything related to drugs.
  • 1999-Also, Mr. Kelly went to many other parts of the U.S. administering polygraph exams plus numerous overseas trips to administer polygraph exams including but not limited to; Croatia, Hungry, Germany, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Bahamas, Mexico, Canada and numerous other countries.
  • 1996 – 1999: El Paso, Texas - Mr. Kelly was the DEA agent at the El Paso airport detail, working with a squad of El Paso police officers creating a program similar to the one he created when at the San Francisco Airport for the DEA in 1983. Kelly with his team made major drug, cash and asset seizures. He also served as the training officer/polygraph examiner and conducted the entire hiring procedure for Special Agent applicants.
  • 1994 – 1996: Los Angeles, California - Mr. Kelly was assigned to the Intelligence Unit of the office and assisted the DEA groups with intelligence information critical to their cases. The important duties were to assist DEA groups with the seizure of assets and to assist in their drug cases.
  • 1992 – 1994: Maracaibo, Venezuela - Mr. Kelly was the Resident Agent in charge for DEA working out of the U.S. Consulate. Kelly supervised all other DEA agents and the office staff. Kelly was the Liaison Officer between the DEA, the National Police and Guardia Nacional on the major narcotic cases. Kelly handled informants, conducted surveillance and supervised the construction of the new DEA office within the U.S. Consulate. Kelly was in charge of Narcotic Operations within the 5 western states of Venezuela.
  • 1990 – 1992: Caracas, Venezuela - Mr. Kelly was the assistant in-country attaché working out of the U.S. Embassy. When there Kelly did similar work as before; major drug cases smuggling drugs into the U.S., handled informants, conducted surveillances and more. In addition to this, Mr. Kelly was the DEA Liaison Officer between the Federal Police and the Guardia Nacional, working closely with them within the country and assisting DEA Domestic offices with cases from all over Venezuela. Kelly was also the Firearms Officer and the Tech Agent in charge of all technical equipment. During this time Kelly also traveled and worked in the country of Guyana for DEA making multiple trips there and working out of the U.S. Embassy.
  • 1986-1990: San Diego, California - Mr. Kelly worked major drug cases, handled informants, conducted surveillance and traveled extensively all over the USA. Kelly’s work along with support of other agents resulted in the arrest and conviction of hundreds of drug dealers at every level from the growers, to smugglers and the kingpins.
  • 1985: Bahamas – Mr. Kelly was on assignment in the Bahamas flying drug interdiction missions with the U.S. Air Force and the Bahamian Police.
  • 1983-1984: Starting his DEA career as a Special Agent in San Francisco, California, Mr. Kelly was a co-founder of the Airport Program at the San Francisco International Airport.

This program successfully seized multi-million dollar amounts of cash and drugs. Kelly while assigned to the San Francisco Airport personally made weekly seizures of drugs and cash seizures in the amounts of $200,000 to a million dollars. Mr. Kelly worked major drug cases, handled informants, and conducted surveillance. During this time in San Francisco, Kelly also created a hotel/motel program for the hotels and motels that surrounded the airport. Kelly, giving weekly lectures to hotel/motel staff all the way from the manager on down to cleaning personnel. These weekly meetings were spent identifying what to watch for in regard to drug activity such as; refusal of maid service, white powder, rubber bands, never using the room phone, paying cash, numerous visitors and many other things. This was a very successful program.

  • 1976 – 1983: United States Border Patrol, Special Agent. Mr. Kelly enforced the immigration and drug laws of the United States. Mr. Kelly participated in the seizure of numerous major narcotic loads, arresting both drug traffickers and alien smugglers.
  • 1971 – 1976: California Highway Patrol, Traffic Officer. Mr. Kelly worked one year in Baldwin Park, California, near Los Angeles, and five years in the Imperial Valley, California. Mr. Kelly enforced the traffic laws of California and participated in many felony arrests.

Mister Kelly also participated in many different trainings, courses and seminars:

  • 2006: Neuro-Linguistic Training - These courses train you to notice the slightest incongruence in person’s communications which can dramatically assist in polygraph testing. Mr. Kelly attended many courses in Neuro-Linguistics including ones given by the following organizations; American Polygraph Association (APA) annual seminar, National Polygraph Association (NPA) annual seminar, California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE) by-annual seminar and Arizona Association of Polygraph Examiners (AzPA) by-annual seminar.
  • 2005: Cognitive Interviewing – This course taught interviewing techniques on how to interview and obtain information from people when they wished not to cooperate nor give any information. American Polygraph Association annual seminar, National Polygraph Association annual seminar, California Association of Polygraph Examiners both by-annual seminars and Arizona Association of Polygraph Examiners both by-annual seminars.
  • 2004: American Polygraph Association annual seminar, National Polygraph Association annual seminar, California Association of Polygraph Examiners both by-annual seminars and Arizona Association of Polygraph Examiners both by-annual seminars.
  • 2003: American Polygraph Association annual seminar, National Polygraph Association annual seminar, California Association of Polygraph Examiners both by-annual seminars and Arizona Association of Polygraph Examiners both by-annual seminars.
  • 2002: Argosy University, School of Professional Psychology M.A. Forensic Psychophysiology. There are few individuals inside or outside the polygraph field who have this degree which is a specialty degree that combines psychology with the art and science of polygraph. Having this degree gives a person the knowledge of physiology and psychology that few examiners have and it enhances ones ability to do polygraph examinations.
  • American Polygraph Association annual seminar, National Polygraph Association annual seminar, California Association of Polygraph Examiners both by-annual seminars and Arizona Association of Polygraph Examiners both by-annual seminars. To many to list fully.
  • 2001: American Polygraph Association annual seminar, California Association of Polygraph Examiners by-annual seminars and Arizona Association of Polygraph Examiners by-annual seminars.
  • 2001: American International Institute of Polygraph, Post Conviction Sex Offenders Course. This is a 40 hour extensive course dealing with currently to be released or released sex offenders using physiology combined with polygraph testing to monitor and track the behavioral patterns of sex offenders to ascertain if they are safe to be released into the community or if they are a threat within the community that requires their further incarnation.
  • Polygraph Countermeasures Course administered by the DEA – This course is for detecting any counter measures that someone may use to affect the results of the polygraph test.
  • Reid School for Interviewing and Interrogation. This is a 40 hours intensive course in interrogation and interviewing.
  • 2000: Sex Offender Treatment and Monitoring Program Course and Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing.
  • 1999: Extensive 40 hour in-service polygraph course hosted by the DEA Polygraph Unit, Washington, D.C.
  • 1998: Department of Defense Polygraph Institute. This is a Masters level course that is a very difficult intensive course in the use of polygraph, research methods, psychology and physiology.
  • 1997: In-service training with DEA - Undercover process, arrest procedures.
  • 1996: In-service training with DEA - Asset seizure, high speed driving course, self defense course.
  • 1995: Extensive 40 hour course on computers and computer operations.
  • 1994: DEA asset forfeiture course and Firearms training with Guardia National in Caracas, Venezuela
  • 1993: DEA Supervisors course, Resident Agent in Charge course for assignment to foreign posts of operation.
  • 1992: DEA In-service training, firearms, arrest procedures.
  • 1991: DEA High speed driving course, anti-surveillance course and Marijuana Eradication Techniques.
  • 1990: Foreign Service Institute, State Department Language School, Intensive Spanish 6 month course in preparation for future foreign assignments.
  • 1988: DEA, Management of The Undercover Process course.
  • 1986 – 1987: DEA, in-service classes dealing with undercover operations, firearms, asset seizures and other narcotic related enforcement operations.
  • 1985: 60 day assignment with the Air Force Special Operations, Bahaman National Police doing air interdiction in the Bahamas.
  • 1983: Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Academy surveillance techniques, informant handling, special training on how to work undercover and how to work major drug cases.
  • 1976: U.S. Border Patrol in-service training, firearms instructor course, defensive tactics.
  • 1973: B.A. in Social Science, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA.
  • 1971: California Highway Patrol (CHP) in-service training, high intensity law enforcement training including firearms, high speed driving, self defense, law and numerous other subjects.

Tom Kelly also posses a large number of professional membership, which includes the American Standards for Testing and Materials (ASTM), ASTM Polygraph committee sets worldwide standards for polygraph practices and procedures, American Polygraph Association (APA), California Polygraph Association (CAPE), Arizona Polygraph Association (AzPA), Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), American Association of Police Polygraphist (AAPP), National Polygraph Association (NPA). Tom Kelly is also current member of the Board of Directors in Arizona Polygraph Association, current Chairman of the Ethics Committee in Arizona Polygraph Association and a former member of the Board of Directors & Chairman of the Ethics Committe in National Polygraph Association.

Mr. Kelly has done a lot of certifications in his career. Mr. Kelly is certified as an Instructor by the California State Post-Secondary Education Board from 2003 to present, to teach polygraph and certified to be Director of a polygraph school. Mr.Kelly is certified by U.S. Government to conduct polygraph examination for Espionage and Sabotage. Mr. Kelly also is certified by U.S. Government to conduct examinations using Relevant/Irrelevant Screening and is certified by U.S. Government to conduct screening exams of applicants. Kelly is certified by US Government to conduct specific issue examinations.

Mr. Kelly has conducted thousands of polygraph examinations while traveling worldwide for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Until his retirement, he was the lead polygraph examiner for the Los Angeles field Division of the DEA. Tom Kelly has held Top Secret clearances during his military and law enforcement career. Tom Kelly owns three of only 20 polygraph schools accredited by the American Polygraph Association in the world, besides beeing involved with European polygraph academy, which makes him the only person in the world to accomplish that, ever. Tom Kelly conducts training worldwide. Mr.Kelly made 5 trips to the Country of Kyrgyzstan for the purpose of drug training for the 200 man U.N. drug interdiction team. Tom Kelly worked for U.S. intelligence agencies by contract. Tom Kelly has conducted numerous contracts for American law enforcement such as the Phoenix Police Department. Until this date Tom Kelly remains one of the worlds most respected experts on polygraph, one of the most influential names in the business and one of the experts with greatest authority in the polygraph community worldwide.



Mr. Charles Speagle was born in 1969 in the United States and is a graduate of the University of Georgia in Risk Management. Prior to attending university, he preformed military service with the United States Army in which he was an active Infantry Soldier stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany specializing in heavy weapons. After his graduation from the University of Georgia he worked as a Risk Management Consultant in Atlanta, Georgia as well as in South America. He is a graduate from the SkyHawk Polygraph Institute in Dixon, Illinois under the leadership of Dr. Samuel Braddock. Mr. Speagle applied his knowledge in polygraph locally and internationally, in the United States, Europe, Mexico and South America as a Polygraph Examiner and as a Polygraph Primary Instructor. Speagle is APA accredited Polygraph Examiner and APA accredited Primary Instructor of polygraphy, he is also a Full Member of American Polygraph Association. Mr. Speagle is officially American Polygraph Association Certified Primary Instructor.

In his professional career Speagle conducted more than 8,000 Polygraph Examinations in Specific Issues, Sex Offender Testing and Pre-Employment. He also managed a State-Wide Polygraph Program in the United States for four years. Mr. Speagle has, so far, instructed more than 1000 Students in Primary and Advanced Polygraph Techniques worldwide and is highly proficient in Polygraph Countermeasures and “Contra” Countermeasures. One of Mr.Spegle's many great assets are that he is highly proficient in the application and instruction of interviewing, highly proficient in nurolingustic programming during interviews and interrogations, highly proficient in interrogation of high-profile crimes, sex Offenders and law enforcement personnel, highly proficient in analysis detection of deception in written statement. Mr. Speagle has a huge experience in handling polygraph tests of the toughest kind, runing tests for hardest crimes and testing the most notorious felons which are the hardest types of tests to run on polygraph and are always a challenge even for experienced polygraph examiner.

Mr. Speagle is able to perform polygraph test and to teach or give polygraph instruction in english and spanish language. Mr. Speagle is also member of British and Europian polygraph association, is licensed polygraph examiner of state of Texas and he is also member of the board of directors in Texas Association of Polygraph Examiners. Charles Speagle, besides USA, performed polygraph examiner training internationally, for goverment and state agencies and private sector agencies worldwide, on four different continents, in many countries - Spain, Lithaunia, Israel, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Potugal, Panama, Venezuela, Guatemala and many other. Mr. Speagle is an exceptional teacher who posses that natural gift for sharing the knowledge in interesting way and making it easy for students to grasp the true essence of the matter. Each class loves Mr.Speagle, students love him. Charles Speagle is owner of Tudor polygraph Academy in Medellin, Columbia, and co-owner of Marston Polygraph Academy from San Bernardino, California, USA. Both schools are APA accredited schools. There are approximately 20 schools worldwide accredited by the American Polygraph Association, 15 of which are in the USA. Out of the 20 APA accredited schools in the world, Mr. Charles Speagle is the owner of two schools. Charles Speagle is also professionally involved in polygraph training in European polygraph academy in Belgrade, Serbia as an instructor, which makes Mr. Speagle a major factor in polygraph education projects on three different continents worldwide.

Charles Speagle even constructed his own personal small polygraph when he was just a kid and the instrument worked, and still works to this date. Some years ago Mr.Speagle constructed, on his own, a serious polygraph instrument. Top management of one global company recognised what Mr.Speagle is capable of, and when they saw the quality of instrument that Mr.Spegle constructed on his own they offered to invest in the project. Today, that same instrument is produced and sold globally by that company and it is one of the best instruments on the market. Charles Speagle is the only person in the world that has his own, personal, production line of professional polgraph instrument. Mr. Speagle is the only person in the world that can claim such a statement. He remains one of the most influentual and most respected member of polygraph community. His skills in handling the hardest polygraph cases remain unmached and unrivalled to this day.



Nikola Novak was born in Belgrade, Serbia and is a graduate of University for Business Studies in a field of Executive Management, after which he finished specialistic studies on Police-Criminalistic Academy in a field of security protection of people, business and property, and eared a title criminoligist-specialist. Novak finished a private investigator training in his homeland, Serbia, and earned a license for a private investigator. Novak also finished a specialised course for polygraph examiner in USA and became a first licensed polygraph examiner on APA standards in Serbia. He is, currently, studying for a second master degree on a University for Security and Diplomacy, in a field of corporative security, his master paper work is on a subject of polygraph examination - application of polygraph examinations in corporate sector.

Novak started his carrier early, as a student, while working in a investigation agency Protecta as a associate investigator, where he learned basics tactics of secret surveillance from ex secret service agents. Novak later become private investigator in the agency, and later advanced to the level where he managed private investigations unit department in the agency. Novak has got over a decade of experience of working in private security industry. In his carrier Novak has worked on more than 3,000 private investigation cases and conducted more than 1,000 polygraph examinations worldwide.

Mr. Novak teaches on a regular basis as a guest spokesman on seminars, congresses and specialised courses related to private security, private investigations and basics of polygraph examinations. Nikola Novak is a constant attendant on seminars for private investigations, polygraph examinations and criminology, held worldwide. Novak is the owner and CEO of Detectve agency Anonimus, a licensed private investigations agency from Belgrade, Serbia. Novak also ownes and manages Polygraph Center, agency specialized in providing polygraph examinations and polygraph related education, first and only one of this kind in Serbia and the first and only agency that provides polygraph examinations and operates strictly on APA standards in Serbia.

Novak is also lead polygraph examiner and program coordinator in SOS Center from Belgrade and Reverie institute for psychology, psychotherapy and education where he manages and overlook polygraph examinations of patients recovering from addiction problems. Novak is also security consultant for several banks in Serbia and major corporations where he manages business-polygraph related programs.

Mr. Novak is president and founder of Security and Education Association of Serbia, which gathers all agencies from private security sector in Serbia and organizes post secundary education classes and specialized training courses for people who operate in the private security, polygraph and investigations industry. Novak is also founder and director of European Polygraph Academy, which conducts basic polygraph examiner training on APA standards and continuing education for polygraph examiners worldwide. European polygraph academy is first polygraph education institution of its kind created and operational in continental part of Europe. Mr. Novak is also a course coordinator for the courses held in European Polygraph Academy, where he also works as a co-instructor and teaches the students who attend the basic polygraph examiner training course in EPA. Mr. Nikola Novak is a member of every relevant international association - World Association of Detectives, International Association of Private Detectives, American Polygraph Association, European Polygraph Association, British and European Polygraph Association, National Polygraph Association and European Society of Criminology.