Admission Requirements

Applicants shall, have completed college or university with an average of 7.0 or higher or at least have bachelor diploma (three year college) or have completed not less than three (3) years full‐time employment as a peace officer or be honorably discharged as a commissioned or non‐commissioned officer from any branch of armed forces or hold a license to engage in private investigations. Exceptions may be given on a case by case basis. The Academy does not admit applicants with prior felony convictions. The Academy may deny admission to applicants with a misdemeanor arrest which resulted in imprisonment. The Academy may deny admission to applicants who have been refused admission to or expelled from any professional association or organization. The academy may expel any student who falsifies any part of his / her Application for Admission. As a condition of admission, all students must own, at their own expense, and bring to class each day, a lap‐top / notebook computer capable of operating the software written by the manufacturers of polygraph instruments. Applicants must have the ability to effectively operate the computer instrument. Class Language Classes are taught in English. All learning material is in English. Instruction is in English so all students are expected to speak English. This would demonstrate that a prospective student speaks and understands English proficiently enough to take the program and has the ability to benefit from the program.

- The Application Process

The application for admissions process is as follows:

  1. Complete an admissions application.
  2. Complete a personal interview with an admissions representative.
  3. May tour the academy facilities with an admissions representative.
  4. Receive and read all required pre‐enrollment disclosures.

The transferability of credits you earn at European Polygraph Academy is at the complete discretion of an institution to which you may seek to transfer. Acceptance of the certificate you earn in the polygraph examiner program is also at the complete discretion of the institution to which you may seek to transfer. If the certificate that you earn at this institution is not accepted at the institution to which you seek to transfer, you may be required to repeat some or all of your courses work at that institution. For this reason you should make certain that your attendance at this institution will meet your educational goals. This may include contacting an institution to which you may seek to transfer after attending European Polygraph Academy to determine if the certificate you earn in polygraph examiner will transfer. Third party requests for information will require written authorization from the student. Under no circumstances will information regarding a student, parent or guardian be released without the written consent of the student. The academy will provide copies of any information sent out of the academy at the request of the student.

- Retention of Records

Maintaining and safeguarding student records, both personal and financial, are the responsibility of the Administrator. European Polygraph Academy will maintain student records for five years, as required by law. Students have a right to access their records anytime that the institution is open and during normal business hours. Students desiring to view their records may request to see their records in the academy office during normal business hours or may schedule a time to review records that is convenient to both the student and the academy administration. If an appointment is made, the appointment shall be made no later than 48 hours after the student has requested to view their records. Extensions of this time shall be granted only upon decision of the student. Only the student and the academy administration have a right to review student records. Student transcripts will be maintained permanently. A copy of the academic transcript is available upon request by the student.

- Attendance Attendance Policy

The faculty and staff of the academy consider each moment in class imperative for success. When the student is not in the classroom, the information missed cannot be recaptured. Students are required to attend no less than 90% of their assigned classes. Academic Policy Units of Measurement and Evaluation (examinations) will be given to each student during the course of instruction. The number of questions will vary. The student must answer correctly seventy‐five percent (75%) or more of the questions. In the event the student fails to answer correctly seventy‐five percent (75%) of the questions on any examination, he or she may retake that examination with the questions modified. In the event the student fails to answer correctly eighty percent (80%) on the second examination, the student shall be deemed to have failed both the first and second examinations. The enrollment of any student who fails one examination and the retake of that examination may be terminated.

- Probation

The Academy Director monitors the student attendance cards of all active students and calls those students that have missed one or two days during that week. Students are required to have an overall attendance rate of 90% or more to meet the minimum attendance requirement of the program. A student who has consecutively missed more than one‐third of the scheduled class hours in any given level or module will be put on probation until the end of the next scheduled level or module. A probation letter will be sent or delivered to that student.

- Termination

The enrollment of any student who is absent for more than forty (40) hours of classroom instruction for any reason or no reason may be terminated. Excessive unexcused absences and/or tardiest constitute reason for disciplinary action. Students should notify the administrative office or class instructor of expected absence one day in advance. In the event of an unexpected absence, students should notify the academy. Students who arrive late for class by more than one hour will be counted as absent from the block of instruction to which they were late. Students who arrive late may remediate a missed block of instruction at the discretion of the Academy. Makeup classes are given at the discretion of the instructor and with approval of the Academy Director.

- Leaves of Absence

The Academy does not grant leaves of absence.

- Satisfactory Progress Policy

Satisfactory progress in attendance and academic work is a requirement of all students enrolled in this academy. Students are required to attend not less than 90% (360 hours) of the hours of the resident classroom instruction. Students who are absent for more than 10% (40 hours) of instruction will be required to remediate the hours they have missed.

- Academic Progress

The following factors will be measured to determine academic progress: The practical work (test, grades, homework, etc.) Evaluating symbols: P/F (pass or fail). Student must maintain a minimum of 75% on written and task exams. Evaluations will occur periodically.

- Conduct Policy

Good conduct is expected of all students. This includes following all the academy rules, regulations and following the directions and instructions of the staff. Any problems are to be brought to the attention of the Academy Director. Conduct that is unbecoming, rude, vulgar, profane, endangering and or behavior that has a negative reflection on the reputation and welfare of the academy will result in disciplinary action upon the discretion of the Academy Director. Conduct policy applies on or off campus within the scope of school hours.

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- Rules of behaviour

The enrollment of any student may be terminated for any of the following behavior; including, but not limited to: Falsification of the Admission Application. Theft, deliberate or careless damage or destruction of any Academy property or the property of any student or instructor. Removing Academy property from the facility without prior authorization. Causing, creating or participating in any disruption of class during Academy hours on Academy property. Making sexually inappropriate remarks or advances to other students or faculty. Use of abusive, discriminatory or threatening language at any time on Academy premises. The commission of an assault or battery upon the person of another. Attending class while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs. Plagiarism or cheating on any examination. Bringing firearms or any offensive weapon into the classroom.

- Drug Free Policy

European Polygraph Academy is committed to fostering a drug‐free environment for its students and employees. Therefore, no student or employee may use, possess, sell or distribute alcohol or other types of “illegal” or controlled substances,” or use possess drug paraphernalia or on academy grounds, except for drugs prescribed by a physician. Additionally, the illegal use of prescribed drugs and the inappropriate use of over the counter drugs are also prohibited. Persons showing behavior or conduct indicative of having used or consumed alcohol or other substances shall be prohibited from entering the academy grounds. European Polygraph Academy reserves the right to impose disciplinary action to the extent allowed by local, state and federal laws against students or employees found to be in violation of this policy. Academy disciplinary action may include suspension expulsion or termination, as well as referral for prosecution to the appropriate governmental agency. Substances prohibited from use on the academy site are: Alcohol, marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, LSD, PCP, and other drugs.

- Graduation Requirements

The student must complete the classroom residency requirements and pass all evaluations. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will be granted a academy “Diploma”.

- Student services Counseling Service

European Polygraph Academy takes a personal interest in each individual student. Every student is extended the privilege of consulting with the Academy Director at any time. Or any other staff member for any matter. Additional referrals for professional counseling may be requested at the student’s expense.

- Placement Assistance

European Polygraph Academy does not offer job placement. We provide a job listing bulletin board for students to review employment opportunities. We cannot guarantee placement or use it as an endorsement to enroll.

- Liability

European Polygraph Academy assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property, or for personal injury, which may occur while on the campus grounds.

- Student Grievance Procedure

From time to time, differences in interpretation of academy policies will arise among students, faculty, and/or the administration. Persons seeking to resolve problems or complaints should first contact the instructor in charge. Requests for further action may be made to the Academy Director. When such differences arise, usually a miscommunication or misunderstanding is a major contributing factor. For this reason, we urge both students and staff to communicate any problems that arise directly to the individual (s) involved. If the problem cannot be resolved in this manner, the Academy Director should be contacted. Normally, the informal procedure of “discussing” differences will resolve the problem. In addition to complaints previously stated and appeals of an academic nature a student has a right to complain to the institution. If a student wishes to file a written complaint, they may do so. All written complaints will be resolved within 10 days and will be sent to the student in writing.