Business Partners

European polygraph academy has developed a wide network of associates in the local area as well as abroad. Maintaining continuity in the cooperation in strategic sense is very important for several reasons. First of all, in the world of polygraph cooperation is a necessity and the fact is that the polygraph community only in this way can count on prosperity on a global level. In polygraph business, it is a necessity and the obligation to maintain contact with organizations dealing with the research related to the use of a polygraph by setting standards for the practice of the polygraph use. Statute of the World Association of Polygraph includes mandatory obligation that every licensed polygraph examiner is required to upgrade education and knowledge on regular basis in order to be keep track of innovations in the polygraph use, keep up to date with latest discoveries and maintain high level of polygraph service, more or less, just like in any other serious business.

Every licensed polygraph examiner is obliged to carry out continuous educational-training activities in the time span that is regulated by the rules of world polygraph association. It is the responsibility of each polygraph examiner who is licensed, but also the obligation of every agency that deals with the polygraph testing, in order to renew agency license to operate and retain the right to practice polygraph testing in professional manner. Every serious professional in polygraph business has to constantly invest in continuous training in order to keep the pace with scientific research and changes in this field that is constantly changing and progressing. This is reason number one why there constantly needs to be cooperation and partnership between the schools and polygraph associations. European polygraph academy also cooperates with local centers for the treatment of addiction, where we participate in the control programs for treatment of patients and assist medical facilities and their patients during the treatment and rehabilitation of persons in special programs for addictions recovery.


European polygraph academy has many partners in the polygraph business. We have friendly and collegial relationships with our partners and a large network of business partners that spans around the world, across every continent in the world. European polygraph academy maintaines contacts and cooperation with foreign partners who are licensed and accredited for training and education in the field of polygraph and we participate and assist when it comes to organising training for new polygraph examiners in various countries around the world. It is necessary to maintain contact and cooperation with our associates in polygraph world for many reasons. Staff of European polygraph academy can state to have excellent cooperation with our partners on multiple levels that often overcomes the official level and go beyond official partnership, to our satisfaction and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

It represents a great experience when you have the opportunity to travel around the world and have the opportunity to meet with your colleagues to share practices, discuss theories, comment on experiences with polygraph examinations and with the equipment and instruments. These are wonderful experiences that are understood only by those who are in this small world, the small number of people who make the polygraph community. Below you can find a list of our partners that may be of use to our colleagues, as well as many others who expressed interest in the polygraph.