General Information

The mission of the European Polygraph Academy is to provide instruction in the art and science of the polygraph profession in accordance with the standards established by the American Polygraph Association (APA). The objectives of the program are to produce professional, competent and ethical polygraph examiners who are trained to use current techniques, formats and equipment. Polygraph examinations have been used for last 100 years by military and law enforcement agencies as an investigative tool. As security has become a more sensitive and more important issue, private companies have begun to regularly use polygraph examinations in their investigations. The Academy will also train law enforcement officers to assume the duties of an examiner in their current employment and train others with the appropriate background, to do polygraph work in the private sector. European polygraph academy is ideal atmosphere and environment for learning with an entrance into the administrative area and classrooms. Restrooms are available in the building. Instruction is provided in the primary classrooms.

Prospective students are encouraged to visit the physical facilities of the academy and to discuss personal educational and occupational plans with academy personnel prior to enrolling or signing enrollment agreements. Enrollment and admissions as well as all classroom studies take place at the same location. All student records are kept secure in the safe deposit box on the same site. The ratio of students to equipment is 1:1. The facilities have adequate lighting, are air‐conditioned and wheelchair accessible. The facilities are fully equipt with everything a class needs to make them feel comfortable. If any student has any kind of special need or request regarding the comfor in our premisses we will be glad to arrange what ever you need or like. We want for every student to feel as comfortable as they would feel in their own home. Students also receive instruction regarding academy owned polygraph equipment, hardware and software. Regarding office hours, business office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Lunch break is one hour. European polygraph academy students are required to be english speaking individuals. Our instructors are also fluent in Spanish language, and can assist to anyone in the Spanish language if needed, but other than that English language is used for educational or communication purposes. All classes are taught in English language. European Polygraph Academy does not recognize acquired life experience and prior experiential learning as a consideration for enrollment or granting credit towards any programs.


European Polygraph Academy is constent of staff which are all officially licensed as a American Polygraph Association polygraph instructors. Our instructors are also recognised by the National Polygraph Association, European Polygraph association, British and European Polygraph Association, and dozen of other polygraph associations. List of all membership can be found listed on our website page - instructors. Before enrollment, applicants should consult the licensing laws in the country where they wish to practise polygraoh, state, area of jurisdiction in which they wish to practice polygraph after finishing training.

The Academy is strictly a tobacco free environment. Students may not also use electronic cigarettes or use tobacco in any form within the offices or classroom. Students may not use cellular telephones during teachings or within the offices or classrooms. Cellular telephones may be used off‐site during rest, during pauses between presentations of instructors and during meal breaks. European polygraph academy is committed to providing equal education and employment opportunities to all persons regardless of, but not limited to, race, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital, parental status, disability, age, or sexual orientation. All equipment is provided during the course except for a laptop computer, which is mandatory for training. All polygraph course materials are provided by academy, in electronic or papir form, which ever students prefer.