European Polygraph Academy

Welcome to the official Internet presentation of the European Polygraph Academy.

European Polygraph Academy is international education academy that is specialised in providing the best quality education in the field of polygraph. Our professional and carefully selected team of experts is dedicated to providing best polygraph examiner training in the world today. Our instructors are fully licensed and acredited by APA for providing basic polygraph examiner course, advanced polygraph examiner courses and specialised courses for polygraph examiners. We are the first and the only school in the continental part of Europe that provides officially acredited program for training polygraph examiners. If you want to become polygraph examiner, with official and globally recognised licence, look no further, you found the best place.

We provide best quality training and we guarantee that you will be fully trained and able to run polygraph tests on your own by the end of basic course in European Polygraph Academy. If you allready are a polygraph examiner, our academy provides advanced polygraph examiner courses and specialised courses as a form of continuing education for polygraph examiners. Our academy provides you with an opportunity to further develope and perfect your skills as a polygraph examiner and bring your performance to a higher level.

As pioneers of acredited polygraph training in continental part of Europe, our main goal is to create quality polygraph examiners, to make polygraph examiners better at what they do and to further popularise use of polygraph. Our personnel are highly qualified and respected professionals who have decades of experience behind them, tens of thousands of polygraph tests performed, thousands of students trained around the world, in more than 20 countries worldwide.

We have conducted polygraph training for goverment staff and polygraph training for private sector staff, globally. Our experts are also guest speakers on polygraph seminars on a regular basis. We are also proud to state we have a model of polygraph instrument made by our own polygraph expert-instructor, which is reguraly produced by a well known world manufacturer and sold around the world as his own line of product. We are also the only company in the world that can make that statement.


European polygraph academy and our team of experts has got developed cooperation with colleagues from all over the world, we have a developed business network that is spread across every continent in the world. Our team of polygraph experts is reliable and experienced in performing a wide range of polygraph related educational courses and polygraph training designed to suit all of your needs. We are the best choice for polygraph training, by far.

We would like to call every one who is interested, from every country in the world, to join us and make a first step into intriguing world of polygraph with the best academy. Make polygraph your new proffesion and passion. Come to our academy, and learn from the best. It is unique and exclusive experience. We have three international schools located on three continents. We have schools in North America, South America and Europe.

Why European Polygraph Academy?

  • Our staff is consisted of world class experts and top professionals in the field of polygraph

  • Thousands of students trained in more that 20 countries on 4 continents

  • All of our instructors are officially and fully APA licensed polygraph instructors

  • Our training program is APA acredited program for polygraph examiners

  • Decades of experience, tens of thousands of polygraph tests conducted worldwide

  • Only polygraph school in Europe where students have two APA accredited instructors as teachers for full duration of polygraph training

  • EPA provide best polygraph training available in the world today

  • We help our foreign students with lodging and housing while on course

  • EPA provides basic polygraph examiner training and continuing education training for polygraph examiners

  • We also provide specialized polygraph courses and BATI certified interviewing and interrogation courses

  • After basic training, you will be fully capable of conducting polygraph exams on your own

  • EPA pays for membership in the APA for the first year for each of our students after they graduate in our school

  • EPA provides free mentorship for every student for first 200 exams

  • Our academy provides free lifetime support and quality control for every graduate of EPA worldwide

  • Special prices and reduced rates for EPA students when buying polygraph equipment

  • Academy provides all the equipment for training and practise while on course

  • Our academy has special offers for larger groups of studets

  • When students graduate at our polygraph school they can become APA associate members instantly

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