Training location

Belgrade is a capitol of Serbia, the largest city in Serbia and one of the most important cities of southeast Europe. One of the oldest cities in Europe has a population of around 2 milion and it is a metropolitan city. Belgrade is financial centar of Serbia and Southeast Europe. Congress tourism saw a rise in popularity as more and more companies choose Belgrade for congress, seminars, trainings and team building. Many world companies choose Belgrade as their European or regional center of operations, companies such as Asus, Intel, Dell, Huawei, NCR and Microsoft.

City of Belgrade attracts a lot of foreign investments as the city is "booming". Belgrade waterfront project is currently the biggest construction site in Europe and the biggest construction investment in Europe with over 3,5 billion euros invested in single project. What makes Belgrade a perfect business destination is its location on the crossroads of Europe and also the fact that it still has a much lower price of runing business that prices of those in Western Europe or Northern Europe. Thus, the expances for companies operating in Belgrade are more affortable.

What makes city of Belgrade a good location for the students is a low price of quality accomodation, good weather, great city vibe and low expances of living, which are all important factors since you will be spending almost 3 months of training in Belgrade. European polygraph academy provides, on additional request by student, help and assistance with selection of accomodation and reservation of the same, free of charge for every student of European Polygraph Academy.

Also, Belgrade is perfectly safe city and very interesting city with a unique energy and soul. Capitol of Serbia has a lot to offer and a lot to see and experience for everyone, which will make students free time interesting and enjoyable. Belgrade is located on a confluence of two rivers, city has a lake, a mountain, islands, new part, old part, one of the best cusine in Europe and one of the best nightlife in Europe. Where ever you sit in a restaurant you will have a delicious meal.

Locals are very friendly, communicative and helpfull. In the city that never sleeps, you can find a party on every day of the week. You will have a lovely time in Belgrade, we can guarantee that. This will make students free time (which is every evening from Monday to Friday and every weekend) a memorable experiences, so it will not be just work and work, you can also have a great time while you are building your new set of skills for your new and interesting carrier.