Official announcement

Greetings to everyone,

it is with great pleasure and joy that we announce official begining of a new business venture that we decided to name European Polygraph Academy. With this announcment we mark the begining of new international educational institution specialised and dedicated to providing the best polygraph examiner education in the world today. It is with the creation of this school that we started a new chapter in polygraph examiners education in this part of the world, as European Polygraph Academy is the first educational institution in continental part of Europe that operates on APA standards for polygraph education. We would like to make it possible for every person from Europe to have a possiblity and a chance to have the best education in the world on his native continent, without the need to go to USA or UK and pay more and invest more in order to have that same education. We are bringing education to Europe for you.

We would like to give all Europeans a chance and a possibility to have that same education here, on Europian soil. It is up to you to use that chance in the best way you know and can. Our main goal is to expand our network to Europe and to create respectable academy that will further create qualified polygraph examiners which will further populiarise use of polygraph globally, as lot of people still has no clue what this intrument is capable of and what it can be applied to. That is why we carefully choose our staff and select only a few most qualified experts in order to create a team that has knowledge and will to carry out these strategic goals in the manner that we have in our business vision.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who helped us in a creation of this academy and all of those who made this project possible. A big thank you to our friends, sponsors, colleagues, assistants, technical support crew, our local partners, our foreign partners who had no problem of flying half of the globe just to support what we are starting, our local partners, people for various associations that supported us in what we do, our friends from Serbian police and everyone else who helped in any way for making this project come to realisation. Without you and your help, support, motivation and without your faith in our vision, this whole project would not be realised.

We would also like to use this opportunity to welcome all of out future students and future polygraph examiners from all parts of the world, you are all most welcome in our school. We will give our best to justify your trust and meet or surpass your expactations. We all have a bright future in world of polygraph and we hope that together we will create something truly special.

Thank you for your attention.

Nikola Novak

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